Let The Tea Party Denounce the Rhetoric of Limbaugh and Beck

Face The Nation (CBS) featured dialog between Benjamin Jealous (NAACP President) and David Webb (Co-founder Tea Party 365).  Mr. Webb claimed that the NAACP was engaged in ‘selective racism’; the NAACP had passed a resolution at their annual convention for the Tea Party to “repudiate those in their ranks who use racist language in their signs and speeches.”  Mr. Webb’s position was that the NAACP was condemning figures who are not part of the Tea Party movement.  I issued the following comment to the show.

July 19, 2010

I have been a follower of your show for years.  A comment.

When one looks at the composite picture of what is occurring in this country within the conservative movement, the racial epithets and spitting at black congressmen, the posters on display at Tea Party rallies, the offensive telephone messages left for legislators who voted for Health Insurance reform, the words issued over conservative airwaves by Limbaugh (Halfrican American, Barack the Magic Negro) and Beck (Obama has a deep seated hatred of white people or the white culture) who both game racial intolerance (and both have been featured speakers the past couple of years at CPAC), the writing of slave trade out of the history books in Texas, etc. etc. etc., one can not escape the conclusion that there is a strong thread of racial intolerance being expressed within today’s conservative movement – including from within the Tea Party.  Regrettably that does detract from what should be an important and healthy national dialogue between opposing views.  I will take the Tea Party seriously about their concerns over racist behavior when the movement leaders openly denounce Limbaugh and Beck who are fueling racial intolerance for political and financial gain – Rep. Gingrey (R-GA) and Michael Steele were quick to issue apologies to Mr. Limbaugh when Mr. Limbaugh took exception to their comments.

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