Have Dick Armey Denounce the Rhetoric of Limbaugh and Beck

An e-mail sent to CNBC’s Squawk Box where Dick Armey, a Tea Party proponent, was being interviewed.

August 19, 2010

I rarely watch the Daily Show (live), but caught the Dick Armey interview with Jon Stewart on the internet last night.  Mr. Armey was essentially tied in knots trying to explain/defend his use of the term ‘tyranny’ and how Washington is violating our Constitution.

The behavior of the Tea Party crowds at rallies, and individuals associated with the movement, during the health care debate was not directed at the legislation.  The lack of diversity in the crowds, the nature of placards, the shouting of racial epithets including spitting on a black Congressman, the incredibly offensive language left on answering machines of our elected officials suggest to many that the health care debate was but a reason to unleash underlying hatred and intolerance.  One need look no further than the positions taken by of some the candidates identified with the Tea Party (e.g., Rand Paul on the right of private business owners to serve who they choose).  This behavior has caught the attention of mainstream media such as Face the Nation where a representatives of the Tea Party (movement) declared that there is a no tolerance policy regarding the type of behavior we have witnessed.

My belief, as it is for many, is that this behavior is being emboldened by language coming over the conservative airwaves by the likes of Rush Limbaugh (Obama is a Halfrican American, Barack the Magic Negro, etc) and Glenn Beck.  Beck on his show actually accused President Obama of having a deep seated hatred of white people or the white culture (the intent of such language is transparent).  Limbaugh last year and Beck this year spoke at CPAC and took the stage with Republican presidential contenders.  This is not entertainment as it is helping to shape the political landscape (especially now that Fox has donated $1 million in support of electing Republican Governors and 3 of the top 5 potential Republican candidates for the Presidency are on the Fox payroll) and frankly it is dangerous.

To demonstrate that the Tea Party is serious about its no tolerance policy towards racial intolerance, I want to hear Mr. Armey openly denounce the language and tactics of Limbaugh and Beck.  Additionally I would want to see Mr. Armey support a policing of Tea Party rallies to remove such placards as ‘Obama’s plan – White Slavery’.  Then perhaps we can get down to the business of dialogue on the issues.

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