Beck’s Rally/God vs Obama/Muslim – A Shameful Tactic

I submitted the following communication to MSNBC’s Hardball as they were covering Glenn Beck’s ‘Restoring Honor’ rally and the emphasis Mr. Beck placed on the need for the US to turn back to God.  Mr. Beck’s television show clearly has a political agenda (as does Fox News itself), and it would be naive to believe his rally was not part of that political agenda as well.  I had a little fun in applying Aristotelian term logic to the matter.

August 31, 2010

Beck’s statements that we have ‘wandered too long in darkness’ and that we, the US, need to ‘turn back to God’ is almost too easy to put together in light of the recent tactics of fueling ‘Islamaphobia’ and intensifying rumors that President Obama is a Muslim.  In the spirit of Aristotelian term logic:

Premise 1:  God (for the largely Christian Tea Party) is the father of Christ who represents our one chance for salvation.
Premise 2:  We have surrendered our government to a president who is a Muslim (who does not believe in the one true God and our Christian values).
Conclusion:  Therefore, to stop ‘wandering in darkness’ and to ‘turn back to God’ we need to get rid of that Muslim president and the party that associates with him.

Very manipulative.  For those Tea Partiers who feel that this country is violating its own Constitution (and I have not heard specifics in support of that claim – Jon Stewart tied Dick Armey in knots regarding Armey’s use of the term tyranny), they’d best look at Article 6 and the ‘no religious test’ clause, and the very first sentence of the first amendment that the Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.

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